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Oriental Trading Coupon Code 20% Off in March 2017

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About Oriental Trading

Get an Oriental Trading Coupon Code 20% off in March, 2015. The Oriental Trading Company is a business that sells an assortment of party items, toys, arts and crafts items and much more. The company was formed in 1932 in Omaha and has brought in many imports from Japan and other pacific countries. Today the company is owned by Berkshire Hathaway, the Warren Buffett-led firm.

What Oriental Trading Sells

Customers can buy an assorted variety of different party gifts from the Oriental Trading Company. The store sells party favors, decorations, invitations and tableware items. People can even buy bulk candy items for their parties through the website.

The party items available here are also divided up into many sections for very specific occasions. These include items for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers and graduations to name others.

Various toys are available through the site including small games and novelty items. There are even a few choices that glow in the dark; these are all arranged for sale in their own special sections on the site.

There is an assortment of arts and crafts products for people to buy here as well. Customers can buy such items as craft paint, foam shape materials, fun loops and some pens or pencils that are designed with art projects in mind. The Oriental Trading Company sells many arts and crafts items for adults as well as children alike and even has some products for scrapbooking purposes. The adult-oriented products are clearly more detailed and require more instructions and safety functions than others.

Teaching supplies are available all around the site too. These include such supplies as writing utensils and stationery products.
The company’s awareness products are also noteworthy as there are many supplies that are designed with special ribbon features that promote awareness for all kinds of issues, thus making them ideal for charity outings. The pink ribbon products for breast cancer awareness are especially popular.

Using the Oriental Trading Company Website

The Oriental Trading Company website has conveniently arranged its extensive variety of products for sale in a series of sections that correlate to numerous products of interest. These include sections that feature many specific points like buttons, feathers, glitter and modeling clay within the craft supply section or noisemakers and hats within the party favor sections.

Each individual section has its own selection of items that can be further narrowed down based on things like the type of event a product is for and the colors that people can find products in. Customers can then order products in certain quantities based on whatever is being bought; some party favors are available by the dozen, for instance.

Ordering Products from OrientalTrading.com

The key to a successful order here is to buy products in a sensible series of quantities that are right for one’s demands. Each product lets the customer choose certain quantities of each item depending on how many of these items can be arranged within a certain set.
Each product page has reviews for individual items from prior customers as well as pictures of those items. Details on how large each individual item is are also included.

Major credit cards

can be used in the ordering process. The PayPal online wallet system can also be used. Gift cards are available for customers as well.

Oriental Trading Commercials

Oriental Trading Shipping Process

Shipping processes take from five to seven business days in most cases. The fastest shipments go out within the middle part of the United States. These items will come out from the main headquarters in Omaha.

Shipping starts at $6.99 and will go up in value depending on how much money the total cost of the purchase is. A customer who spends a little more than $100 on items will pay $14.99 for shipping, for instance. This goes up to 10% of the order if the purchase is $200 or more.

Added shipping options are available with three timing classes available. A customer can even get an item shipped within the next business day depending on when the order takes place. It will cost at least $29.99 to get a next-day shipping process taken care of.

Standard shipping is available to Alaska and Hawaii as well as a three-day shipping option. Canadian shipping is available although the value will vary based on the current currency rate between the United States and Canada.

Special Deals & Promotions from Oriental Trading

The Oriental Trading Company has many great special offers for customers. The site sells products through a sale section on the top right part of the screen. This section offers special deals on all kinds of products including some products available in the clearance section for thirty or more percent off.

The “Less Than Perfect” section is an interesting part of the site. This is where products that are just below the store’s official quality standards are sold at a substantial discount. These products are often available for more than fifty percent off each and while they may not be as effective from an official quality standpoint as other products from the site, the products are still guaranteed to be suitable for the needs that customers have.

Are Promo Codes Available for Purchases at OrientalTrading.com?

Promo codes are available for many purchases here. These can be found through the emails that people can buy. Free shipping offers for orders of $49 or more are especially popular. The promo codes for the site will change by each month and should be compared at every point to see what offers are available for use.

Get In Touch with Oriental Trading

The Oriental Trading Company has an email signup system where people can easily send in their addresses to get offers and promo codes. There’s also a mobile application for the store available for most mobile device for people to use to not only shop for items but to also get new promo codes.

Oriental Trading’s Special Guarantee

A 110% guarantee is available on the prices for all items. The guarantee states that a refund is available when a customer finds a product at a lower price from another place within thirty days after the purchase is made.
The Oriental Trading Company has many attractive products for parties and arts for everyone to use. The deals available here are especially popular for people to look out for as they are great for all the many different products that the company has to offer.

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