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Royal United Mortgage Employee Reviews

You're a glorified, licensed, telemarketer that happens to be selling refinance mortgages. You're provided leads that apply through pop-up ads and sites like LendingTree and LowerMyBills. Most people get called so many times within the first 5 minutes (because everyone sees the same exact leads*), that when you do get someone on the phone, they're mad off and don't want to do business. The trick is being there when nobody else is like weekends or late nights which is terrible if you want to have any work/life balance. *Some team leaders and above see leads that others don't, that's the only exception. The compensation can be good if you're averaging 8-10 loans every single month of which each is over 100k. This takes more than working 9-5 and dialing the phone over 300x per day which is expected of you to do every day. So you can make good money here, but at what cost? The average loan adviser is making around $38k-$42k after being there your first year. The high end guys are just over $100k. So there

is potential, especially if you have no other obligations other than work.

The culture has only gone downhill since I've been here (going on 2 years). It was somewhat fun and loose and everyone was happy to help each other. Now it's turning into a micromanaging frat house (minus the fun). There is hazing. When you're an apprentice to begin here, nobody talks to you. You're not really relevant until you pass your Fed Test. Once that happens, they "mold" you into believing that rates/fees do not matter whatsoever. Which may be the case in select cases when someone is absolutely

  more...desperate, but that's 1 in 10 proposals you'll send out. Just look forward to not hitting expectations, because when you do, it's still not enough. In fact, overachieving isn't enough either.

With this all being said, it's not a TERRIBLE place to learn the skillset needed to be successful somewhere else. Get in, get trained, and get out.



training program, 1/2 licenses are paid for


culture (or lack thereof), micromanaging, constant dialing the phone for nothing

Category: Advisor

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