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I am at risk of homelessness and need help

If you are struggling to pay your rent, mortgage or other bills, or you are generally worried about your housing situation, we may be able to help. 

If you need help paying your rent or Council Tax, you can use our benefits calculator to see what benefits you may be entitled to and how to apply online. You will be asked to upgrade your Enfield Connected account to use the calculator if you don’t already have one.

Start the benefits calculator

In that event that you are already receiving all of the benefits you are entitled to, read our guidance below for further help:

If you still need help with your housing situation, are threatened with homelessness, or anticipate that you may become homeless in the near future, you can use our online assessment tool to see how else we may be able to assist you. Remember, we are an emergency housing service so we can only assist eligible people we have assessed as being in the greatest need.

Start the homelessness enquiry form

We will ask you questions about your housing situation, and for information about anybody that lives with you. If you are being asked to leave your home, you will need to tell us why and the date you are being asked to leave by.

Completing the questions should take 10-15 minutes. We may require you to provide us with information and evidence to accurately assess the type of help available to you. You can provide us with documents quickly and easily online using your Enfield Connected account. We will let you know what documents you need to provide when you have finished the online assessment tool. There are two ways to give these documents to us:

  1. If you have all the documents handy, upload them while you are on theonline assessment tool  summary screen.
  2. If you need to come back at a later date (because you need to go away and find

    the correct documents), log into your Enfield Connected account and select the relevant homelessness enquiry from ‘Tasks for you to complete’.

We accept photographs and scans of documents.

You may be asked to provide certain pieces of evidence to us in person. We may also contact other people for information, with your consent, such as your employer, landlord, or GP if you have a medical condition.

Successful applicants will be helped to find housing by renting from a private landlord. Most won’t be allocated a council or housing association home. We are an emergency housing service so can only provide accommodation for people who are assessed as being in the greatest need.

To request assistance from us, you must have:

  • your National Insurance Number 
  • your housing benefit reference number, if you have housing benefits from Enfield
  • your household outgoings, such as rent or mortgage, food and bills
  • your earnings
  • any welfare benefits you receive
  • any savings you have
  • information about other properties you own or have a mortgage on

We will review your submitted application and you may be given a telephone appointment. If your case is urgent, you will be contacted within two working days. If you are not under an immediate threat of homelessness, you will be contacted within ten working days.

Find out about online homelessness enquiries

If you have already made a homelessness application and need assistance, visit our help after a homelessness application page.

Providing additional evidence

If you have already made an online application and we have asked you to provide evidence in addition to what you can currently upload via your Enfield Connected account, you should send this via email to the Housing Options and Advice Team. You need to provide these documents within five working days of the request to ensure we can continue to process your application.

Make sure the subject of your email includes your six-digit reference number. You should only use the message to attach evidence documents. General enquiries made in the email will not receive a response.

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