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Social Media for Financial Advisors

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  • We can setup your social media accounts for you.

    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • Google +
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  • Add social media options to your website.

    • Social Icons
    • Share Buttons
    • RSS feeds
    • Pull In Tweets
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  • Now you can easily manage SSM Campaigns.

    • Create website content
    • Post website content
    • Promote website content
    • Off Page SEO
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Advisors are getting connected, and they've discovered that social media really IS worth their time because it reaches out to investors in ways traditional marketing never could:

  • It builds new connections. Social media is social-it's based on relationships. Connections are made through shared interests or personal pursuits. And the more people you can "reach', the

    more Web traffic you create and the more leads you can generate.

  • It increases exposure. Blog entries, video uploads, posts, tweets and mentions all cause a significant rise in search engine rankings, which feeds the number of hits you get on your website.
  • It creates a buzz.As social media provides a platform for new ideas and breaks down barriers, it also increases awareness and conversations about companies, products and brands. In doing so, the media itself has gained a role in influencing people's buying decisions.
    • Potential investors are more likely to respond to a service or company that their friends or common users recommend
    • Social media helps customers narrow their choices by limiting the list of alternatives to the "popular" options

Advisors are learning to benefit from using the same tools their investors are using. By nurturing a relationship with your clients, you can create brand advocates who will do some of the selling for you.

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