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The Story So Far: The police assert that after delivering 3,106 events and welcoming some 6.75 million people from all round the World we are not an operator who can provide a safe environment.

It is apparent that some 160,000 petition signatories and 1,000 letters of support to the Council from other operators, competitors, associations, patrons, neighbours, parents, artists and professionals suggesting the complete opposite, were completely ignored.

They have abused archaic licensing laws that require an operator to eliminate 100% of crime in its venue even when it does not have the powers of search or tools to achieve this and to be responsible for acts committed by third parties entirely beyond the control of any safe, responsible and willing operator. No other business sector is held to this standard, or held responsible for crimes permitted on their premises they have done everything in their power to prevent. We have 17 years of exemplary service that stand testament to our diligence in running an honest, open and progressive venue. Indeed the police and the council have used our operation and our code of conduct as a standard-bearer and example of best practice for 17

years. They were still sending other operators who had experienced problems to us to learn from our systems a matter of days before they went on to damn us. Last December we stopped the police from introducing a nationwide scheme to put sniffer dogs outside every club and pub in Britain. That Court action cost fabric £120,000.


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