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Your legal advisoris a phone call away.

I had a quick late night question (my regular lawyer was asleep) and Joe provided excellent advice that I am using to help prepare materials for my lawyer, for a filing this week. Excellent work!

– A Massachusetts Criminal Defense client, March 8, 2014

Jeff helped out tremendously narrow down the problem I was having with advice I could live with. Mostly his listening skills without interrupting me so I could get to the point quicker ... I've used other services that I pay per month for, but really this is all I need for every once and a while type of advice I can count on.

– A Texas Real Estate client, September 10, 2014

Mrs. Gray was amazingly helpful! ... She was able to answer my very specific questions about forms and the process. She also gave me some helpful pointers for the interview. Overall, I felt like she really cared and took her time listening and getting into my situation.

– A California Immigration client, May 24, 2015

I feel grateful to have talked to an attorney such as Colin Linsenman. Really reaffirms that not all attorneys are the same. Avvo Advisor is such a great service. Thank you.

– A New York Bankruptcy & Debt client, May 21, 2015

The attorney spoke very clearly and simply. He thoroughly explained how I had a good case for small claims court, and he gave some reasonable advice on how to resolve my issue before going to small claims. Thank you!

– A New York Landlord & Tenant client, November 18, 2014

Very, very impressive overall; volumes of information discussed, all my questions answered in a thorough and timely manner with what appears to be top-notch, current and relevant answers. I couldn't be happier with my session with the Avvo-Advisor. I left with a feeling of "I know that I can do this," when just moments before I was in a semi-state of panic.

You Avvo Advisor people ROCK!

– A California Family client, October 11, 2014

Very helpful. Respectful of my concerns. Direct with feedback. Helped me decide how to proceed. Thank you so much!

– A New Jersey Family client, June 5, 2015

I basically had one question about an anticipated business transaction and Robert had the answer. He asked a few clarifying questions, and we discussed the matter to my satisfaction in about 5 minutes. It was fast, and that's what I wanted. I didn't want to have to drive to an attorney's office, sign a letter of engagement, and THEN ask my question. And THEN get invoiced, etc. So Avvo worked great for me.

– A Texas Business client, December 29, 2014

I've never felt like previous lawyers I spoke to listened to my struggles nor cared until now. $40 well spent. Ada was not in a rush and offered to help without hesitation. I trust her to offer me the best legal advice for my situation. Well done Avvo Advisor.

– A Washington Employment & Labor client, January 18, 2015

He was able to answer my questions extremely well, suggested a few things that I didn't think of, and my issue was taken care of in less than 15 minutes. Very satisfied with my session.

– A California Business client, March 17, 2015

Awesome. The advice was prescient, succinct, and saved me tons of money. My matter was resolved in less then half an hour. Highly recommend this service.

– A California Criminal Defense client, May 26, 2015

The lawyer that was recommended called me within 30 seconds of my request being made. I was really pleasantly surprised how fast she contacted me AND how fast she grasped my problem and was ready to go to work helping me. I can't say enough of how happy I am that I tried your service.

– A Texas Divorce & Separation client, April 15, 2015

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