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So you want to get your Pesticide License?

You are just three steps away

Choose when and where you want to take your exam.Apply for your exam and enroll in a one day exam prep class.Get your Pesticide license passed in no time, no hassle! 
  • I studied the book a day before I took my test and past first time great book. I wish they had the categories in a study guide.
  • Simply all you need to pass the test! There does not exist a better guide for any of the test in CA!  Awesome! I have used and recommended these guides for a long-time! They are the best for the Test!
  • Wow, I wish they had these 20years ago, when I took the test. I passed the first time, but had to study for far too long! Now I buy these for our new employees, so they can pass the test also.
  • The classes are very informative. The information given is what you need to pass your examination in a format that is easy to understand. Thanks P & L Marketing.

  • I passed!!  First attempt and I didn't even study the landscape maintenance portion. Great class.  Great teaching. 

    Thank you!

    David N

  • Test went ok. Calculations went really good think we had ever example problem to study for. Literature was a little harder. I think maybe the class should be closer to the test to retain more of the information. Thanks


  • I went into this afternoon’s CA exam with lots of confidence and I believe I did well (85-90%, is my guess). We’ll see in two weeks. I got a lot from your class, not just the test taking strategies, but I felt like I learned something. You did a great job in explaining things!



  • The test went OK. I feel like I did really well on international portion of the exam. For the state test, I didn't feel quite so good about it.  It really seemed like the questions were written to intentionally confuse you. Anyways, we'll see.

    Thanks for the great class!


  • Thanks for All the info .Got an 87 on the test and received my QAC card. I definitely will suggest this class to anyone.Jack

  • I studied the book a day before I took my test and past first time great book. I wish they had the categories in a study guide. Tom N.
  • Second time I have used your services for the California Ag Pilot tests. Your test prep makes taking two tests totaling 240 questions about as difficult as eating breakfast in the morning. 

    I'll see you in a year or so when I take my journeyman. Thanks again. 

    -John S.

  • Thank you Paul the test was a breeze, I will be contacting you when I have time to add more categories.  Thank you.
  • CCA International I should have passed for sure. The state was harder. I think where I lacked on the state was just the basic knowledge and understanding with in the industry. I was not nervous and

    felt i had a lot of preparation from the prep course. There was a lot of the same questions or basic knowledge questions from the course. I think understanding the basic knowledge of fertilizers and some of the conversation factors would have better helped me. I wouldn't have changed anything from the exam prep because I was adequately prepared from all of the readings that I had done prior. There was a lot of information for both international and state to know. 

  • I think the CCA class was very helpful. Unfortunately, I had an extremely busy work week and wasn't able to study on my own as much as I would have liked. I felt better about the international than the state. I will certainly let you know when I get my results.

  • I studied the book a day before I took my test and past first time great book. I wish they had the categories in a study guide.
  • I took your January 29 prep class in Visalia and I just wanted to say thank  you, it really helped a lot. You said you like hearing from us, I PASSED BOTH EXAMS!    Thanks again! I'm sure I'll be taking some of your PCA category courses.

  • We will definitely be at the class,  I know it helped me a lot when I took my licensing exam a few years ago.  Thanks!
  • Hi Lynda, I took your class in Ventura this past January For the cca exam prep class, and I felt that is what Let me pass. I passed both exams on the first try. Thank you so much for helping me.
  • “Just wanted to drop a note that I took a test prep class from your organization on Sept 22nd in San Luis Obispo and got my results on Saturday.  I took the Laws and Regulations (123); Residential, Industrial, and Institutional (80); Landscape Maintenance (92), and Microbial Pest Control (75) and passed all 4 test (scores in parenthesis).  Just wanted to say thanks for giving me the preparation for taking these four exams."Quality Assurance Supervisor
  • “I just want to say thank you for all the information I got from the class. Very helpful, my exam was much easier than I thought.  I did pass it with a high score. Thank you."
  • “I have to tell you that I have been really worried about the Ag test. I didn’t know if I had learned everything I needed to pass or if I was just over confident. I was able to get thru all 4 tests during the 4 hour morning session. I got my results yesterday and my lowest score was a 79. Thank you for the great class. I will be recommending your class to anyone that plans to take the Ag test in the future.
  • " Just open the mail today it’s official I want to thank you for the extra help it was greatly appreciated and needed I look forward to many more categories and also accomplishing the CCA exam thank you again Paul I truly appreciate you going the extra effort to help an old guy like me. "
  • "It went well!  I passed all three!  All of my guys passed!"Operations Manager (for a major pest control company)

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