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Where is the Windows 8 Upgrade Advisor?

Windows 8 Consumer Preview is prerelease software, but it's a fully functional operating system. Checking Compatibility Without Installing - There is a readiness tool built into the Windows 8 Consumer Preview setup file.   Windows 8 Consumer Preview setup file download:


  1. After downloading the file double click it to start. 2. It will begin checking for hardware and software compatibility. 3. When finished it will tell you how many apps and devices are known to work, and how many will not. 4. To view the list click See the compatibility report. Note: clicking Next here will begin the installation process - if you do not want to install Windows 8 close the window at this point.  

First please note: 

1. The Windows 8 Consumer Preview is prerelease software and will only work for a limited time - when it expires you will have to remove it. 2. The Consumer Preview is stable and has been thoroughly tested, but

it’s not the finished product. Your PC could crash and you could lose important files. You should back up your data and you shouldn't test Windows 8 Consumer Preview on your primary home or business PC. 3. If you install the Consumer Preview on the partition Windows is currently installed on you can not uninstall the Consumer Preview. To go back to your previous version of Windows, you'll need to reinstall it from the recovery or installation media that came with your PC. 4. In addition to dual booting, here are ways to install Windows 8 Consumer Preview without affecting your current Windows install: A) Remove your current hard drive and install the Consumer Preview  on a spare drive.  B) Install it on a spare computer. C) Install the Consumer Preview in a virtual machine.     For more info - Windows 8 Consumer Preview FAQ: 



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