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Medigap Service in Cherry Hill & Summit, NJ

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Picture PictureThe 2016 Medicare & You book from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has 160 pages!  We take a Simple 5-step approach to helping each individual understand the key areas of Medicare.  We strive to educate and assist seniors with a very complex and confusing system. 

(1) Medicare Overview: Our first goal is to make sure each individual has a clear understanding of Medicare.

  • What does Part A cover? How much does it cost?
  • What does Part B cover?  How much does it cost?
  • Initial Enrollment Process (& Enrollment penalties) associated with Part B & Part

    D of Medicare

  • Original Medicare compared to Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Medigap or Medicare Supplement Options
  • How Part D works & why it is critical to review the Prescription Plan each year during annual enrollment
  • Which coverage is primary?  (i.e. Medicare or Group Insurance?  Medicare or Retiree Plan?  etc. )
  • ...Contact us for more information

(2) Individual Assessment: Next, we focus on each individuals specific scenarios.
  • Current age?
  • Still working or spouse still working?  If so, is Medical coverage provided?  What is the size of the company?
  • Currently taking Social Security?
  • On Social Security Disability?
  • Currently on Prescriptions?  If so, which ones?
  • Any major health issues/concerns?
  • ...Contact us for more informati on

(3) Review Available Options: After we understand each individual's situation, we recommend a few options.
(4) Select Coverage: Each individual selects the coverage options that fit their needs & budget.
  • Enroll in Part A & B of Medicare
(5) Annual Review of Drug Card:  For all of our customers, we offer a FREE Annual review of the prescription drug plan.  See more details here.

It is very important that we keep this process clear, concise, and transparent for individuals dealing with a very complex Medicare process.

We do not charge a fee for our services; we are compensated by the insurance companies that we represent.

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