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Carla Beveridge - J. Hilburn Style Advisor

August 22, 2016

End of Summer Style


The Icing on the Cake

This summer we were thrilled to introduce several new styles and products designed with you in mind. From linen clothing, to travel-ready performance wear to the custom made soft wash shirt, the summer was full of innovation, new fabrics, and technical design. Now, it’s time to put the icing on the cake and celebrate the end of a great summer with summer accessories that will bring your look to the next level. End of summer you say? Why buy now? Well, many accessories can be used to transition your clothing to the coming seasons to ensure you get the absolute most out of everything in your closet.

We know you are familiar with all the ways to wear a tie. But what about the pocket square? Pocket squares have recently come back into style as a key accent on your jacket. But how do you wear it? Do you match it to the color of your tie? To your shirt? To your jacket? The bottom line is, there are many different ways to wear a pocket square. Let me walk you through a couple basic ways to add a pop to your style with the pocket square.

Match with Your Shirt or Tie

Matching the pocket square exactly with your tie or shirt is a simple way to ensure you are wearing a color that goes with the style of the outfit overall. However, matching exactly is not the most stylish way to wear your pocket square unless you are at formal black tie event, in which case, it may be most appropriate. Instead, you want to match, but not exactly. Select one with a subtle pattern on a base color that matches or one of a slightly different shade to up your style game.


Play within the Color Palette

A second option for the pocket square is to choose one that is similar to the colors you are wearing without matching too closely. Matching within the color palette allows you to bring in a new interesting component to the outfit without adding too much that will stand out from the rest of the outfit. The cohesiveness of the overall outfit will flow smoothly to create one complete look. Plus, even when staying within the color palette, you have a wide range of options to choose from which enables you to wear one pocket square with a variety of jackets and shirts. For example, if you are wearing blue, you can choose, blue, green or purple and still be within the color palette of your look.


Be Bold with Color

The third option is to use the pocket square to make a statement. Choose a color that accents the look rather than blending in with it. Complementary colors (red and green, blue and orange, yellow and purple) work aesthetically because they are opposite each other on the color wheel and will create the strongest contrast. To figure out what color to select, one option is to consider which tie you are wearing and use that as the base color then choose your pocket square that compliments that color (blue tie, orange pocket square). If this is too bold a statement, a toned down option is to choose a pocket square with a pattern that includes complementary and colors that are cohesive with your look.

As your Personal Stylist, I can assist you in finding the perfect pocket square for any occasion or look. J.Hilburn offers a wide variety of pocket square colors and patterns designed to fit into your wardrobe with an undeniable ease of style and class.

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July 7, 2016

Round Out Your Summer Wardrobe with the Soft Wash Shirt


The Summer Soft Wash Shirt

We’ve previously talked about our linen options and our versatile travel-designed wear, but this month, I want to

introduce you to third option that will round out your summer wardrobe, the Summer Soft Wash shirt. What’s even more exciting? J.Hilburn is the FIRST company to offer a custom-fitted, soft-washed shirt. This is truly something you can wear with confidence.

Wait, what’s a wash?

A wash is the process that determines how the cloth feels and acts while you wear it. A soft wash will allow you to wear a fitted shirt that feels great (just like your favorite t-shirt) and still looks stylish. Generally, guys will tend to wear a dress shirt to a summer party because it looks great and it’s what they’re accustomed to wearing. Instead, try out a soft washed sport shirt that will feel more comfortable, relaxed, and differentiate your wardrobe from work to play.


(Compare oursoft wash look)

Soft wash shirts have softer fabric yarns that will ease the tension and allow you to move around easier. The perfect wash has just the right amount of rumple (not wrinkle!) that will present a casual style ideal for events outside the boardroom. In other words, the perfect laid back casual. Read more on the J.Hilburn site here.

Custom Everything

July is officially the start of Summer, and what with graduations and spring travels, you might not have had time to get your summer wardrobe in order. The good news is, at J.Hilburn we can help you find all the pieces you need so you can focus on enjoying your summer BBQs, golf tournaments, weddings, and parties.

Remember, at J.Hilburn, we do everything to match your personal style and fit. Through the end of July, we are able to offer complementary soft wash on our custom fitted shirts as well as complementary sport buttons. Summer is here, what are you waiting for?  


June 3, 2016

Be Summer Travel-Ready with Performance Tailoring


June is officially the start of summer. And summer means travel. Whether for work or for fun, you will be jetting to destinations near and far and need to be prepared for where ever your travels lead you. Last month we talked about the benefits of wearing linen, which really, we cannot reiterate enough, but there is a new option for looking great this summer that you need to know about. Performance tailoring.

Recently covered in Esquire Magazine, I’d like to introduce you to J.Hilburn’s latest offering: Suits that are designed to tackle more than just your average day in the office. They will be one step ahead of whatever comes your way throughout your travels. They are the “ultimate on-the-go suiting.” Some say they even make three hour TSA wait times more bearable.

The Performance Tailoring suits are designed specifically with the efficient and sharp traveler in mind. The Performance Series jackets feature seven built in pockets, including a mobile phone pocket beautifully sewn into the jacket’s interior. Plus—the jackets and trousers both offer zippered and specialty pockets that are designed to carry the things you rely on while traveling, like your passport, keys, wallet, and anything else you cannot lose while expertly navigating the airport hustle and bustle.




Of course, these suits aren’t all function and no fashion. The performance wool from Vitale Barberis Canonico in either charcoal or navy is crafted with the same J. Hilburn expertise and quality that you have come to expect. Plus, they have a water-resistant finish that will allow you to glide through any unexpected rainstorm or turbulence water spill with confidence. The suits also feature stretch lining designed specifically for movement, like squeezing your carry on into the last open overhead space or the expert carousel bag grab and simultaneous conference call dial in.

No matter where you are traveling this summer, feel confident in the extra function of your suit with the J.Hilburn Performance Tailoring. And it’s from J.Hilburn, you know we will design it to fit you and your style perfectly, every time.  

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