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I downloaded the "Paretologic PC Health Advisor.exe" and it said i have several registry proplems but i have to pay in order to fix them, is this the only way to fix my registry problems?

Hi, If you have system issues start a new thread and we can help you with those. That program is essentially RegCure (another of their products) renamed with some gimics added. It, and all similarly over-hyped products, are snake-oil which will cause a lot of issues while fix little. Substitute the PC Health Advisor for the word RegCure in the below

and you will get the idea.

I would ditch RegCure like a hot potato
RegCure Consumer Review: Forget What Others Say, This is the Words You Have to Hear About RegCure July 2009



Free Registry Cleaner Software - Why Pay When You Can Get It Free?


Seems those sites which promote these poor products are all part

of the scam. They include a couple or legitmate products (if any) and then rate all of their products higher and they are often virtually the same. Unless you know how to recover from an errant deletion and that can be extremely difficult its best not to use a registry cleaner. And they "fix" very little and "BREAK" a lot Run RegCure uninstaller C:\Program Files\RegCure\uninst.exe Check info here :


Or Use Revo to Uninstall it : If RegCure is running use TaskManager to close (end Process) - Right Click on Taskbar - Task Manager Revo Uninstaller - Free Version


Hope this helps.

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