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About Spiritualist Mary

When your energy is out of balance you’ll find that nothing satisfies you or has meaning or works out for you. Your life may feel stagnant and you may not know what to do or what direction to go in.

Mary Williams is a gifted Psychic Spiritual Advisor. She has helped many people all over the world and has suceeded in helping people where others could not.

With Mary's psychic abilities and her spiritual knowledge, she advises on all affairs of life: Love, Career decisions, fears, finances & family. Mary can answer all of your questions and help you find that balance that helps to center your life.

She has answered many questions which people could not find solutions for themselves. Specializing in reuniting broken relationships and restoring inner peace and life balance, allow Mary to help you overcome difficulties in life and point you in the right direction.

If you answer yes to more than one of these questions you
should schedule a consultation today:

Looking for the answers to the missing spark in your relationships? Are You feeling sad and nothing seems to makes you happy? searching for happiness and piece of mind? Want to know the best way for career growth?

Looking for direction or next steps in your life?

Take a look the testimonials they are proof positive of how Mary has helped many people achieve their life happiness. Happiness is something everyone can have and everyone deserves. Live your life to the fullest without doubt or uncertainty.

Give Mary a call today at(813) 874-5582or send Mary an email and she will get back to you
in 48 hours or less.


  • Accurate Psychic Readings by Mary in Tampa, FL offers Psychic Readings Tarot cards, Spiritual Counseling, Chakra Evaluations & Balancing. Please take the time to read below. These wonderful experiences others have had, by having a session with Mary.

    “I called Mary , she was my last hope, every time I would find love it would just never work out for me, and then Mary did a “Spiritual Evaluation” on me and she found that my chakras were all out of balance.

    So she fixed it and I am so happy. I am Happily married and  we are expecting a little one soon!”

  • “I contacted Mary and I was very skeptical at first, I have been to many different psychics I could not believe how accurate she was. She was amazing she told me things from my past I thought no one knew. She also told me I would reunite with my ex John and we would be married.

    I thought she was a little off but I was shocked after I had my reading, 2 months later he entered back in my life and we are married now! She is unbelievable. Thank you Mary!”JESSICA - TORONTO, CANADA
  • “I spoke to Mrs. Williams, I was having a lot difficulties in many areas of my life, I felt for the longest time I was just not on the right path in my life.  Mrs. Williams was able to direct me on the right path and advise me on the things that were going on in my life.  She is wonderful! Thank you so much Mrs. Williams!  You helped me in so many ways I cannot begin to explain.”

  • “My husband and I were having a very tuff time in our marriage. I had been trying to concieve for 3 1/2 years.  I felt like there was no hope, we were ready to give up.  One night we were surfing the web and we came across this site and we thought we would get a reading and see if kids were in our future.  We spoke to Mary and she told us that there was something blocking our reproductive chakra and this is why I could not get pregnant.  I told my husband to let her try to unblock it.  It sounded crazy at the time, but we had nothing to lose and everything to gain.  We both agreed.  Well... I could not believe what happened 3 months later.  I got pregnant!  We now have a beautiful little girl named Hope.  I can’t begin to say or even explain how happy we are!  Thank you Mary, always and forever.”


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