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Protective Security Advisors

The Department of Homeland Security, National Protection and Programs Directorate, Office of Infrastructure Protection operates the Protective Security Advisor (PSA) Program, PSAs facilitate local field activities in coordination with other Department of Homeland Security offices.

What Is the PSA Program?

The PSA Program’s primary mission is to proactively engage with federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial government mission partners and members of the private sector stakeholder community to protect critical infrastructure through five mission areas:

  • Planning, coordinating, and conducting security and resilience surveys and assessments of nationally significant critical infrastructure through Enhanced Critical Infrastructure Protection visits, Infrastructure Survey Tool, Rapid Survey Tool, and the Regional Resiliency Assessment Program.
  • Planning and conducting outreach activities and providing access to critical infrastructure security and resilience resources, training, and information for critical infrastructure owners and operators, community groups, and faith-based organizations.
  • Supporting National Special Security

    Events (NSSEs) and Special Event Activity Rating (SEAR) Level I and II events, such as Super Bowls, Presidential Inaugurations, and Democratic and Republican National Conventions.

  • Serving as liaisons between federal and local government officials and private sector critical infrastructure owners and operators during and after an incident.
  • Coordinating and supporting improvised explosive device awareness and risk mitigation training, as well as Office of Cybersecurity & Communications assessments and resources.

During incidents, PSAs serve as the infrastructure liaisons at the Federal Emergency Management Agency Joint Field Offices, Regional Coordination Centers, and state and county emergency operations centers.

PSAs also conduct joint site visits and vulnerability assessments of critical infrastructure assets with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. They work with the United States Secret Service to provide vulnerability assessments, security planning, and coordination during NSSEs and other large-scale special events.

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