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Corporate Real Estate Services in San Francisco and Boston

“By partnering with Roy and T3, and considering MIT’s brand strategy more deeply, we were able to build a space where our entrepreneurs can change the world.”

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T3 Advisors - San Francisco

In 2001, three real estate veterans, seeing the limitations of the large, business-as-usual brokerage firms, surveyed leading technologists and venture capitalists and asked them if they were to purpose-build a real estate company to best serve the innovation economy, what would this company look like?  The guidance was clear:


Instead of being all things to all people and representing both landlords and tenants across all industries, serve one master pure and simple: technology and life sciences companies. Help them find the Boston and Silicon Valley real estate opportunities, as well as real estate throughout the US and globally, that advance their businesses.

Get Smart

By truly understanding what makes entrepreneurs, executives and the companies they lead tick, can brokers evolve from a short-term space finders into trusted advisors there for the long haul.

Hire the best

Destroy the stereotype of slick, swaggering salespeople and recruit the most intelligent, passionate, unique and diverse team possible. Hire people your clients love spending time with.

Execute globally, flawlessly. Think holistically, analyze better, hustle harder and consistently deliver the highest level of service and quality anywhere in the world.

We are proud.

For the last thirteen years, T3’s

model, mission and team has set us apart from the competition by offering our clients:

Unbiased, conflict-free advocacy. Since we only serve technology and life sciences tenants, we earn zero revenue from representing the interests of landlords and developers, and are free to negotiate as aggressively as possible on our client’s behalf. Your best interests are our best interests.

Sound counsel you can trust. Our teams are organized not by geography, but by industry and by stage in company lifecycle, which means we know the challenges you’ll face and how to cut them off at the pass. We’ll help you navigate the inflection points—financial, operational and cultural—by putting best practices proven across your industry to work.

Custom, creative, global solutions. We are driven to help build great companies through powerful real estate strategies and awesome workplaces. To achieve this mission, we solve business and real estate problems and unlock value through a carefully crafted set of applied solutions.

In the end…

Everything that makes us T3—our team, uncompromising advocacy, technical expertise, global solutions and our culture—has been designed with two things at heart:  your people and your bottom line.
By staying true to our founding principles and by giving our absolute best on every assignment no matter the scale or the scope, we are honored to turn our clients into our champions, and our friends.

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