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Legal Solutions Suite: Billing, Management, & Reporting

With CSC’s Legal Solutions Suite® software, your legal or claims organization can lower expenses and:

  • Leverage your data with reports and dashboards
  • Simplify the legal billing process
  • Analyze legal invoices
  • Document outside law firm performance
  • Create a collaborative electronic workspace for budgeting, planning and strategy.

Manage Your Program Wisely

Our legal solutions software keeps you better informed throughout the management of cases and legal matters, from initial assignment through resolution, and helps you identify firms that consistently deliver the best results.

Choose the Right Delivery Option for You

You can implement Legal Solutions software in-house, or choose our Software as a Service model. With SaaS, there’s no large up-front investment and you can use only what you need. You’ll pay as you go on a per-transaction basis, and there’s no need to sign a full licensing contract.

Accelerate Your Litigation Management Goals

With its powerful tools and components, our legal management solutions help you automate core processes:

Business Analytics

Access to real-time data is essential for quickly identifying areas that need attention. Companies need to not only capture the right metrics but also pull them together in a way to make intelligent decisions about law firm assignments, budgets and the disposition of legal matters. Business Analytics helps all levels of your organization take complex data and transform it into easy-to-read dashboards on the status of cases and legal expenses. Featuring a combination of mature

metadata, ad hoc and real-time reporting, it helps your case managers make timely and informed business decisions and equips them with the facts to help renegotiate fee agreements.

Legal Matter Manager

This legal management solution gives your outside counsel and case manager the necessary information to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the case. You can assign new cases online and work with your outside counsel on a litigation strategy, describing planned activities needed to bring the case to its proper disposition. The legal matter management software includes profiles of law firms and lawyers and lets you rate the performance of attorneys and their firms at the close of legal matters.

Budget and Planning  

This collaborative tool collects strategy and team assignment information, as well as budget amounts. You can develop multiple iterations of the budget plan and collaborate with outside attorneys electronically on budgetary matters.

Legal E-Bill

Legal E-Bill provides a secure electronic link between clients and their outside law firms, allowing invoices to be submitted from anywhere in the world in a standardized format.

Legal Bill Analyzer

Legal Bill Analyzer helps you uncover legal billing errors with an intelligent, rules-based engine that’s customized to your billing guidelines and business rules. This data provides invaluable support for discussing billing issues with your outside counsel.

Take a smarter approach to legal spending and matter management with Legal Solutions Suite.

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