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“If three or five years of returns are going to change your mind [on an investment], you shouldn’t have been there to begin with.” ―Nobel laureate Eugene Fama If I had to choose one lesson from all that the markets taught us in 2016, Professor Fama’s sentiment above just about says it all. To see […]

It’s not often a “how to” investing book comes along that is useful to nearly anyone who has ever had a dollar to apply to the pursuit of personal wealth. Good news! Perhaps overlooked amidst the louder events playing out last November, such a book was released then: “Your Complete Guide to Factor-Based Investing: The […]

Being a Personal CFO is a distinct skillset like any other, calling for leadership, relationship management and other specialized experiences. It’s also a lot of hard work. Not only are most busy professionals a little too close to the subject to oversee their own financial well-being, most have better things to do with their limited free time. There are a number of ways a Personal CFO

can lighten your wealth management workload.

If there’s one lesson 2016 has taught us – yet again, but with an exclamation point at the end – it’s that you never can tell. You can’t tell whether elections are going to turn out as expected. You can’t tell whether dire market predictions in January are going to deliver disaster or delight by […]

Gratitude & giving. Even though we tend to talk them up the most toward year-end, there are all kinds of reasons we really should incorporate them into our lives year-round, in every season. Daily Gratitude for the Body and Soul For example, there’s good evidence coming out of the University of California, Berkeley, that practicing […]

What’s the point of having money if you don’t use it to maximize the joy you feel when you’re spending it? This was one wonderful idea we explored recently when Manisha Thakor, BAM ALLIANCE’s Director of Wealth Strategies for Women, joined us for a special event on how to enhance your financial calm and confidence. […]

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