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Making an Advising Appointment

Students attending Abington College are either assigned to a professional adviser or a faculty member. (Hint: this information is also available in LionPATH on the bottom right of the Student Center).

To schedule an appointment with your assigned professional adviser:

  • Log into Starfish and click on “Home.”
  • Find “My Success Network” in the navigation pane.
  • This will show you all your instructors and adviser. You can make an appointment with your adviser from his/her Individual profile.
  • Click the “Schedule Appointment” link.
  • Calendar (left-hand side) will show dates with open appointment times. Days in bold-face are the ones available for scheduling.
  • Click the “+” icon next to the appointment time that fits your schedule.
  • Select a “Reason” for the appointments.
  • Type a detailed description for the meeting to help the adviser best prepare for

    the meeting. Please also include which majors you’re interested in.

Once you create the appointment Starfish will send you an email confirming the appointment and will also send you a reminder closer to the appointment time. Your “Dashboard” will show the new appointment that you have created.

To cancel the appointment:

Click the “x” in the upper right of the appointment block on your Dashboard.
If you do need to cancel, please do so well in advance and give your adviser some reasons why the appointment is being canceled.

To schedule an appointment with a faculty adviser:

  • Follow the procedures above to access the “My Success Network” navigation pane.
  • For most faculty, online scheduling is not available.
  • Use the provided email address to contact your faculty adviser and arrange a day and time.

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