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LED Traffic Advisor Light Bars

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Extreme Tactical Dynamics has various lengths of traffic advisors from 17” to 35.” The highly practical Chameleon Series has two distinct applications: Code Blue when on your way to an emergency and full traffic advisor once you get there! All of our traffic advisor bar lights can be quickly mounted using heavy-duty suction cups to the front or back of your vehicle, inside or out. Select what your need from our full assortment of traffic advisors which have 20 to 30 flash patterns with pattern memory depending on the model with a range of powerful light output from 16 watts to 48 watts projected through your choice of TIR or Linear 1 lenses, and you choose the colors, too. Great traffic advisors at great prices, that’s what ETD is offering to our clients.

Why Choose Directional Light Bars?

Traffic Advisors help officers sort out traffic chaos by using directional lights that indicate ‘GO LEFT’, ‘GO

RIGHT’, or ‘GO BOTH LEFT AND RIGHT.’ They are a crucial aid when trying to move traffic on.  High-intensity solid color or split color combinations catch the attention of approaching motorists signaling them well in advance to slow down and telling them which way to procedure. Few other lights give the motorists so much information when coming up to a ‘SLOW-DOWN’ situation. And when drivers are paying full attention, First Responders are Safe and Secure to do their jobs!

We Stand Behind Our Products

Our quality control department checks out all the products that leave our warehouses, both components and LEDs, so we are very confidant to stand behind everything we sell.

All our merchandize meets or exceeds California requirements and SAE standards, and we give full industry-grade warranties as well. Our LEDs are guaranteed to last 5 years, so if you ever have a problem with anything you’ve bought, please let us know ASAP! We are always here to serve our customers.

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